Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer, John C. Belt

Family Law Attorney; Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, & Northeast Maricopa County, AZ

Attorney John C. Belt is an experienced and insightful advocate for his clients during their most challenging times. If you are searching for a Scottsdale divorce lawyer or an experienced and compassionate family law attorney to protect you and your family’s best interests, contact the Belt Law Firm. An efficient and technologically sophisticated approach to office management allows our firm to offer low legal fees. We can also represent our clients with a low flat fee that fits their budget. Unlike some larger law firms, we can tailor our fees and payment plans to best suit our clients’ needs.

If you are looking for a family law attorney, you are probably deep into some of your life’s greatest challenges. There are many excellent attorneys to help you through divorce in Phoenix, a child custody dispute in Paradise Valley, and Fountain Hills’ alimony cases. Like many attorneys in Maricopa County, Mr. Belt has experience with a wide variety of family law cases. However,  he offers other assets to his clients as well:

  • The proven focus you would expect from a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy
  • Deep experience with divorce cases involving legal separation, uncontested divorce and the particular complexities of military divorce
  • The local knowledge that comes from deep Arizona roots: Mr. Belt has been an Arizona resident and lawyer for nearly two decades. As an asset to clients, he combines his knowledge of Arizona law with his relationships to family law judges, family therapists, mediators, law enforcement officials, legal experts and other attorneys involved in Arizona family law.
  • An ability to relate personally with many of his clients: as the father of a “blended” family of six, Mr. Belt often empathizes with his clients’ familial struggles.
  • A history of success with many of the most challenging AZ child custody disputes. Mr. Belt entered the legal profession to defend the rights of children; he continues that commitment to children in his family law practice.
  • An approach to family law that emphasizes clear communication and peaceful negotiations.
  • A commitment to offering skilled representation that is economically accessible

Count on Scottsdale divorce attorney, John C. Belt, to keep your legal fees low.

For an assertive, experienced—and affordable— family law attorney in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale or the Northeast Valley, call 480-837-3600. In addition to becoming a lawyer to get justice for children, Mr. Belt became an attorney because he believes that all people should have access to excellent lawyers. Yes, wealthy clients do deserve skilled attorneys. Everyone does. Contact us regardless of your income.