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When the father is a billionaire, should all of his children receive equal child support?  The mother of one child of a billionaire thinks so and decided to see Leppard for more child support.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista and French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault received a judge’s approval for a confidential child support deal on Tuesday in New York.  The agreement was signed off earlier that day and sealed from public view.

According to the couple’s spokesman, the couple stated that they were happy that we were able to reach an agreement for the benefit and well-being of our son, Augie.

Evangelista was one of the biggest names in modeling in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  The twosome dated over approximately four months in late 2005 and early 2006.   Augie, their son, was born in October 2006 after the couple split, but Pinault supported the child, though his paternity was kept very quiet. There are attorney for assault charges as well that can come in and provide legal help in such cases.

Now, Evangelista has asked for child support in the amount of $46,000 per month. That’s $1,512 a day for Pinault’s five-year old son.  Pinault, who makes about $4 million a year, has said through his lawyer that he was willing to pay some support, but not a potential $46,000 per month.

Evangelista offered many reasons to the Court to justify her request for the $46,000 a month in child support, but the two main reasons were the following:

24/7 Child Care:  Augie needs a nanny 24 hours a day, which costs about $7,000 a month.

Armed Security:  Augie needs armed drivers to protect him when he’s traveling to and fro at a cost of $16,000 a month

After those expenses, it  leaves $23,000 a month for everything else Augie needs in the way of food, shelter, education and a reasonable lifestyle.

Evangelista also wants Pinault to give her son a mansion that mirrors the one he placed in trust for his daughter with his wife, actress Selma Hayek.  The California residence is valued at $13 million.  Whether Augie received his mansion in the child support deal, with a sealed agreement, only time will tell.

When dealing with child support issues or other family matters, it is beneficial to obtain legal counsel from an experienced attorney.


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