Choice of School Disputes

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Should the children attend a religious kindergarten in Scottsdale or a secular school? Will they be better off in a Montessori school in Phoenix or a traditional academy in Carefree? Deciding on your children’s education is always a challenge. As parents, we want what is best for their future and we want them to achieve their life’s potential. For married couples, making these decisions can be trying. For divorced parents, the challenges can magnify.

Often, when parents in Arizona divorce, the discussion of school choice is left out of the initial custody and parenting time negotiations. Perhaps the children were small and their formal education was not immediately relevant. But at the Belt Law Firm, we have seen numerous cases where school choice has become a serious point of contention for divorced parents. How is a school choice decision made? Which parent has the right and responsibility to make such a choice?

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A calm, assertive and compassionate approach to Arizona legal disputes involving children.

There are many competent and skilled attorneys in Maricopa County who can offer legal guidance through child custody disputes and school choice decisions. The legal knowledge that an attorney has should only be part of the equation when you decide on a lawyer, however. With more than seventeen years of experience in the Scottsdale area as a family lawyer and a history of success guiding families through challenging times, Mr. Belt has as an exceptional understanding of Arizona family law—as most Scottsdale divorce lawyers do. What makes Mr. Belt stand apart is his compassion for children and his life experiences; he is the father of six children in a “blended” family and has been a foster parent to many other children; he is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and he has been strictly focused on Arizona family law for nearly all of his two decades in the legal profession.

He brings a focused and determined approach to the law that you might expect from a former member of the Armed Services. This is combined with a deep concern for children and their best interests. When it comes to child custody and disputes involving parents’ choice about schools, he understands the high stakes involved. He will use all of his considerable skill and experience to make sure that the negotiations are always cordial and goal oriented. If you need to modify your parenting time arrangements, you must alter your divorce agreement, you are unmarried and separated parents, or you have any number of family law challenges, you can count on the Belt Law Firm to maintain calm even in the most turbulent conflicts. Call 480-837-3600.