Custody Disputes

Scottsdale Custody Dispute Attorney

Divorces involving children require an experienced Arizona family lawyer

At the Belt Law Firm, our goal is to help each client get the greatest protection possible for their parent-child relationship, whether under a divorce decree or a paternity determination. We have helped countless clients through similar struggles that you may be facing. We know that each case is unique but we can foresee the challenges that may arise when a parenting plan is not carefully considered. Even in instances of uncontested divorce, you will need a family law attorney who offers experience-based advice for the best interests of your children’s long-term well-being.  We can also show you how specific features of your situation will likely be seen by the judge if your case can’t be resolved through out-of-court negotiation.  We can answer all of your questions about sole custody, joint custody, and we can help you develop a parenting plan that serves you and your children’s best interests.

If you have a child custody dispute which cannot be resolved, we can offer experienced-based legal representation to help you navigate through a court case involving disputed custody.   We have experience helping parents fight for the custody of their children.  We have relationships with local custody evaluators, parenting coordinators, and other mental health professionals to help you achieve a result which is in your child’s best interest.  Mr. Belt’s seventeen years of family law experience will be brought to bear at trial to help you achieve the best possible result.  Call 480-837-3600 for a diligent, experienced and diplomatic child custody attorney.

No matter the complexity, Scottsdale custody dispute attorney, John C. Belt can help

Contact the Belt Law Firm in Scottsdale for the legal advice you need to resolve your Arizona custody dispute. If your case involves any of the following, we are prepared to help:

  • I want sole custody of my children but my ex won’t allow it: can a lawyer help?
  • I or my child is a victim of domestic violence; can you help?
  • The other parent has issues with alcohol addiction or drug abuse; can I get sole legal custody?
  • The court did not grant me the custody agreement I wanted; can I appeal?
  • How can I make the strongest argument possible to a judge to grant me greater custody rights?
  • How much say will our child have in determining who gets primary custody?

Even if your case has other complexities and has uniquely intense challenges, Arizona family lawyer, John C. Belt has the experience to offer the legal guidance you and your children need. You need an experienced attorney on your side in a child custody dispute: Call 480-837-3600.