Modification of Custody or Parenting Time

Scottsdale Child Custody Modification Attorney

Parenting Time Lawyer for Maricopa County, AZ

If you need an attorney for post-decree modification disputes, contact Scottsdale child custody modification and parenting time lawyer, John C. Belt. The circumstances that justified a particular child custody or parenting time arrangement probably cannot continue indefinitely; however, once those plans are arranged, to change them, you need a lawyer who can help.

Lawyer John C. Belt can advise you about the most effective ways to deal with the modification of visitation and custody orders. When changed circumstances mean that an old order needs to be updated, he can guide you through the process and minimize your risk of conflict with your former partner. He can also assist you in meeting all of the court’s requirements. Mr. Belt also has helped numerous clients when a parent defaults in the performance of existing obligations: When one parent does not adhere to a parenting plan, visitation agreement, or custody arrangement, the Belt Law Firm can be called on for assistance.

Call 480-837-3600 for an experienced lawyer’s advice if you face a custody dispute in Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills or anywhere in the Northeast Valley.

Arizona child custody modifications require an experienced attorney

Contact the Belt Law Firm in Scottsdale if you have concerns related to any child custody issue including the following modification issues:

  • Child support modification for circumstances related to a child’s needs or parent’s ability to pay
  • Modification of custody arrangement due to problems in the primary custodial parent’s home
  • Visitation changes for new work schedules, military duty status or other circumstances
  • Enforcement of custody or visitation arrangements when one parent is interfering with the other parent’s access to the child
  • Parental relocation disputes. If a parent moves with their children and doesn’t follow the Arizona law’s specific requirements or get a court’s permission to move a child away from the other parent’s regular access, they face possible criminal charges for child abduction or interference with another’s parental rights.

The Belt Law Firm advises both mothers and fathers in custody and parenting time modification proceedings. Attorney John C. Belt can advise you about either side of a parental relocation proposal. To discuss your family court modification or enforcement issues, contact us. We have deep experience in this complex and, often, emotionally sensitive area of family law.