Child Support & Spousal Support

Scottsdale Child Support Attorney, John C. Belt

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As you consider divorce, you must confront this financial reality: your economic situation may change dramatically. You may have been dependent on your spouses’ job for your family’s entire income. Or you may have been the sole breadwinner for the family and fear that divorce will devastate your financial security. These questions—and the anxiety that accompanies them—are understandable. You do not have to confront them alone.


The Belt Law Firm has been serving Arizona families for nearly two decades through divorce and issues related to child support and spousal support. When you contact the Belt Law Firm, you will get the legal advice and guidance that may alleviate many of your most pressing questions:

  • How can I ensure that my spousal support is enough to live on?
  • How can I make sure that child support payments are fair?
  • I think my child support and spousal support payments are excessive. Can I reduce them?

We are the Northeast Valley’s source for comprehensive family law; we can answer all of your questions about Arizona spousal support and child support. Speak directly with your Scottsdale Lawyer John C. Belt when you call 480-837-3600.

A Scottsdale family law firm with compassion for spousal support and alimony disputes

Issues related to financial support involving children and alimony can be handled clinically: a lawyer can study the numbers, propose a financial plan or, perhaps, discuss possible child support modifications, and diligently pour over the details of your circumstances. Attention to detail and an ability to focus on intricate economic data are important qualities in your attorney; but in cases that involve the potential for volatile negotiations, a calm and compassionate attorney is a vital asset. For the best legal results, knowledge must be combined with compassion; assertiveness must be combined with sensitivity.

If you are in need of more child support due to changing life circumstances; if you must move-away with your children for opportunities outside of Arizona; if you have lost your job and cannot pay your alimony payments; if your job has reduced your pay so you cannot maintain the support previously agreed upon; Scottsdale child support & spousal support attorney, John C. Belt can help. Our firm isn’t large, yet we have the resources to rival any massive law firm. We also have affordable legal fees, adjustable rates and payment plans, and the ability to offer legal representation, often, for a low flat fee. Contact the Belt Law Firm.