Enforcing Support Orders

Scottsdale Child Custody & Support Modification Attorney

Family Law Lawyer for Post-Decree Enforcement or Modification Disputes

You may need an assertive and experienced attorney to fight for a fair custody arrangement and for visitation rights to be enforced. You may also need an attorney who understands the many complexities involved with getting support arrangements enforced.

Scottsdale family law lawyer, John C. Belt can advise you about the most effective ways to deal with the enforcement of your Arizona support agreement. We can help when defaults in the performance of existing obligations cause problems. For help getting your child custody and support arrangement enforced, contact the Belt Law Firm in Scottsdale.

Arizona courts will try to enforce child support and spousal support arrangements through a variety of approaches. However, you may need an attorney who can help guide you through the legal process and will help you get the support you or your child deserve.

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When your support arrangement is not honored, a calm yet assertive family law attorney is essential.

We are experienced in helping clients obtain their support payments and we also can help defend your rights if you have been accused of not fulfilling your support obligations: in such cases, you may face wage garnishment and even imprisonment. But due to circumstances out of your control, you may need to modify your support agreement. Our experience on either side of these disputes can be used to your advantage; we know the Arizona legal process when it comes to support enforcement. We will do all that the law allows to help you achieve your goals in such a conflict.

At Scottsdale’s Belt Law Firm, we have helped countless Northeast Valley families and individuals through turbulent times regarding support enforcement in Arizona.

We have the skill and experience to argue for enforcement of child support obligations through the civil contempt power of the family court in Arizona. We advise both mothers and fathers in enforcement or modification proceedings in Arizona divorce court and we represent clients on either side of a modification or enforcement issue including such issues after a military divorce. Such modification requests are quite common for military personnel. At the Belt Law Firm, we are particularly experienced in this area of the law. Call 480-837-3600 for a Scottsdale child custody & support modification attorney.