Modification of Child Support

Arizona Child Support Modification Lawyer

Scottsdale Family Law Attorney for the Northeast Valley, AZ

Creating a parenting plan with your former partner is only one step in making sure that your children are supported and raised in a healthy and stable environment. Circumstances change. Life becomes complicated. After a divorce, children’s needs and parent’s responsibilities may change dramatically. The support arrangements made years or even months before no longer make sense. To negotiate a modification of child support arrangements, and to make sure that you are adhering to Arizona law, contact Scottsdale family law attorney, John C. Belt.

With nearly two decades of legal experience in the Northeast Valley, the Belt Law Firm has offered legal advice and courtroom representation for countless Arizona families from Cave Creek to Carefree and Paradise Valley to Fountain Hills. From custody disputes to visitation enforcement and military divorce,  attorney John C. Belt has assisted clients through a wide-variety of complex legal family matters. Call 480-837-3600 for the advice and experienced-based guidance you need.

Creating a persuasive legal strategy in child support modification cases

If you are searching for an Arizona child support modification lawyer in Maricopa County’s Northeast Valley, you may be struggling with a wide-variety of concerns related to custody, visitation, and even enforcement of your parenting plan arrangements. At the Belt Law firm, many of our clients are concerned about:

  • I can no longer pay the child support I agreed upon.
  • What can I do if the child support I receive is not adequate?
  • I have lost my job and need a temporary halt to the child support I pay: can I do this?
  • My child has become seriously ill. Can the divorce settlement be modified to increase the support we receive?
  • My former spouse had hidden assets. Can I modify the child support after discovering this?
  • My ex has moved-in with a new partner. How does this influence my child support payments?
  • What do I have to do in order to move away from Arizona with my children if this makes the visitation arrangements difficult to continue?
  • Can a family law attorney help get my visitation and child support agreement enforced?

Of course, the complexities and specifics of your case will have a major influence on the legal strategy that you and Mr. Belt create to achieve your goals. All child support modification cases are unique. However, at the Belt Law Firm, we will use all of our considerable experience and our familiarity with Arizona family law and courtroom procedures to create a strategy with the best chance of success. We have the experience in child support modification to create a unique strategy that is based on proven results. Contact us for compassionate and experienced legal guidance that you can afford.