Client Testimonials

John Belt represented me during my unexpected and emotionally traumatic divorce. He went above and beyond to not only protect my interests during the divorce, but to steer me to a stable financial future when he recognized that I was a wife who had implicitly trusted and left the financial management to her husband. He referred me to outstanding professionals who helped me understand my settlement and my future financial picture, and who advised me on managing my assets and the income from my new job. Given how overwhelmed I already was, “steer” understates what John accomplished in convincing me to make those appointments. Thanks to his civil and repeated insistence, I took his advice, and I am grateful he made the effort to make me deal with my deficiencies. I feel confident now that my financial future is secure, that I understand my finances, and that I have trustworthy people to advise me.

John excelled in telling me “no” when he recognized that my desire to be done with this painful process undermined my best interests. Thanks to his refusal to follow my impulsive direction ,and his e-mail telling me to “sleep on it,” I am in a much better position. . . a few hundred thousand dollar better position. . . and my delightful, disabled son benefits from a meticulously crafted parenting agreement.

John put maximum effort and diligence, even when it was an uphill battle, to secure a great future for me and my son. While he cautioned me to not be impulsive, I applaud him, too, for his efficiency, and for expediting processes whenever he could. He put time in after hours because he knew I had a home loan approval that was pending on the recorded divorce decree. Thanks to John, the escrow period did not expire. My son and I have a home that will be the setting for this new chapter in our lives.

Thank you, John!!


“I hired Mr. Belt to represent me in a grandparent’s right case. My deceased ex-husband’s mother sued me to have court ordered visits with my children, even though I had been allowing her to see them almost every month.  I wanted to stand by my position that  my rights as a mother would be violated if the court intervened because the relationship between the children and the grandmother did not need protection.  Mr. Belt supported my position and took my case to trial, even though a mediator pressured me to settle.  In preparing for trial, I was very impressed with his attention to detail.  He took the grandmother’s deposition and prepared me for my testimony.  In trial Mr. Belt was was organized, thorough and presented a solid perspective about my position.  Mr. Belt quoted a lot of case law to the judge to support my position.  I am happy to say that I did not have to compromise or settle on any agreements because Mr. Belt was able to present my case effectively.  This allowed the judge to rule completely in my favor dismissing the grandparent’s right case against me.”

- Anonymous



“I hired Mr. Belt to help me obtain emergency orders in my divorce case. My ex-husband has a drug and alcohol addiction, and I needed safe guards put in place to help protect my children. He was quick to obtain the emergency order and then followed through by modifying my original decree to outline specific rules under which my children’s father could see the kids. Mr. Belt was very thorough with his requests which included supervised visits, drug tests, and counseling. My case went to trial due to my ex-husbands unwillingness to cooperate. Mr. Belt is excellent in court. He was very well prepared and expressed all of my concerns to the judge. Mr. Belt presented my position and outlined in detail everything I was asking for. The judge then ordered everything in my favor, and I owe that to Mr. Belt’s ability to know all the details of my case and effectively communicate it to the judge.”

- Anonymous


“Without John Belt handling my complex divorce I would not have fared so well. Because of his wealth of professional experience he was able to hear my story, assess my situation accurately and guide me through my options. He diffused the emotionally charged situation and advanced my case. Also, his understanding helped me process my internal struggle. In hindsight, his advice was pretty much spot on. I only regret that I didn’t trust him more fully at the onset.”

“In keeping with his belief that solid legal counsel should be affordable, he took on my time consuming case while keeping my legal expenses substantially lower than I expected with his unique payment structure. To help me with particular aspects of my situation, John assembled a team of excellent professionals who were top notch just like him. As I reflect on this major life transition, John stands out as the key in helping me move towards a peaceful and thriving future. I will always be grateful for his representation.”
- R.C