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Courtroom Etiquette During Divorce Proceedings


When a couple divorces, eventually they will have their day in court.  What you do and say and even what you wear while in court will not only reflect upon you, but could even affect the outcome of your case as well.  It is important to have proper courtroom etiquette during your divorce proceedings.

What you wear is important.  You want to make a good impression by wearing your best business clothes.  Men should wear a suit if they own one, and, if not,  wear a nice pair of slacks, a nice shirt and dress shoes.  Leave the hats, sunglasses and excessive jewelry at home.

A woman should wear a conservative suit, dress, or long skirt and blouse combination, and also should not wear hats, sandals, wild nail color or excessive jewelry.

A court room is a formal place and has its own code of conduct.  Most people have seen courtroom shows on TV, such as “Judge Judy”, and know to rise when a judge enters the courtroom.  When a judge asks you for something, you actually do not give it to him or her, you hand it to the clerk who will then hand it to the judge.  In the courtroom, you address everyone by their formal title.  When addressing the judge, you will always say, “Your Honor.”

Make sure you are on time for your hearing as a court has a very busy schedule.  Do not chew gum, swear, use slang, eat or drink, talk or text on your phone, talk out of turn, leave the courtroom before you are excused, or slouch and appear disinterested in the proceedings while you are in the courtroom.

One last important tidbit of information; always allow your Chicago car accident lawyer or your family attorney do the talking for you, as he is there to fight for your best interests.  You only speak in the courtroom to answer a question the judge directs to you.

By using proper courtroom etiquette, you will appear credible before the judge, which in turn, could favorably help the outcome of your case.

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