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Family law and divorce lawyer, John C. Belt has helped clients throughout the most complex, high stakes, and emotionally charged divorces. From high-asset divorces in Fountain Hills that involve vast wealth, investment properties and business interests, to divorces between couples in Scottsdale whose assets are modest in comparison but no less significant. Every one of Mr. Belt’s clients receives rigorous, sophisticated and insightful legal advice that considers the long-term impact of their divorce settlement. This long view is always important when a marriage dissolves but when children are involved, the importance of long-term planning cannot be overstated.

Serving clients as a Maricopa County divorce lawyer for more than seventeen years, Mr. Belt has represented individuals and families in divorce and legal separations throughout the Northeast Valley. Helping clients through these difficult times is the focus of the Belt Law Firm. This intense focus on family law means that the firm does not practice bankruptcy, estate planning, or any other area of law that may be a distraction from the primary focus: your best interests in a family law dispute.

Turn to an Arizona divorce attorney for comprehensive legal guidance

Your circumstances will have a massive impact on the way that a divorce lawyer approaches your case. No divorce is identical. Skilled divorce lawyers are able to adapt their negotiating tactics based on a wide-variety of details that are unique to each situation. This ability to adapt is often the result of helping hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of clients through equally challenging and complex divorce proceedings. Whatever your case may be—military divorce, childless divorce, uncontested divorce, same sex couple dissolution—having a skilled and experienced attorney on your side will be well worth the low cost of legal fees.

At the Belt Law Firm, we prioritize efficiency in the management of our office. Our efforts are dedicated to offering legal representation that is second to none at a cost that is often surprisingly affordable to our clients. We believe that all people deserve excellent legal representation. Economic background should not influence your access to a skilled attorney. Our commitment is exemplified in our effort to keep costs low while not sacrificing quality. This approach benefits all of our clients. With communication technologies making efficiency more and more accessible, our law firm has become leaner in recent years while our productivity has increased. Call us at 480-837-3600 to see how this approach to the law can benefit you.

If you are confronting a divorce in Scottsdale, separation in Paradise Valley, or potential relationship dissolution in Fountain Hills, the stress you are experiencing should not be exacerbated by the cost or skill of your attorney. Contact the Belt Law Firm.