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Arizona family law attorney – divorce alternatives an annulment

If you want to dissolve a relationship and prefer annulment to divorce, this option may be available to you in certain circumstances. At the law office of John C. Belt, we have helped clients through some of the most challenging legal separations, uncontested and contested divorces, prenuptial negotiations, child custody disputes and annulments. We can help you when you call 480-837-3600.

Many of our clients are sure that they want to dissolve their relationship but many of them do not realize that an annulment is a possibility. With an experienced Scottsdale annulment lawyer on your side, you may be able to explore divorce alternatives. Many of our clients wonder: what is it and how does someone qualify for an annulment?

  • It is a court order declaring that the couple was not ever legally married.
  • May be an alternative to divorce if religious, cultural or family reasons do not allow divorce
  • It can be a possible way of negotiating asset protection when divorce will not.
  • By being declared “never married” a couple will avoid the label of “divorced.”
  • Lack of capacity may have led to a “marriage” that was not legal due to mental impairment.
  • One party in the couple was currently married and, thus, cannot marry another person. This may be grounds for annulment.
  • Fraud or misrepresentation may also be grounds for annulment: one partner did not reveal a criminal past or serious medical disorder prior to the marriage.
  • Short duration marriages and marriages that were performed under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also common grounds for annulment.

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