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The Belt Law Firm in Scottsdale offers comprehensive legal representation in all areas of family law including legal separation in Arizona. With over seventeen years of experience, family law attorney John C. Belt can analyze your situation and offer specific legal guidance to help you through your legal separation.

Arizona’s two types of legal separation:

  • We are a Scottsdale couple considering legal separation. What is separation by contract? When a couple decides to separate but they do not want to involve an Arizona court in their decision, they may sign a Separation Agreement. This legally binding agreement may divide marital assets—including debts—and detail spousal maintenance, child support, and will also outline custody and visitation arrangements. ContactScottsdale Legal Separation Attorney John C. Belt to assist with this contract so that you minimize the risk of future disputes.
  • Our Fountain Hills marriage may be ending but we are discussing separation first. What is separation by court action? Couples or individuals can file for legal separation with the superior court. This differs from divorce in Arizona because there are no requirements based on length of residency in Arizona as there are in cases of divorce. Furthermore, if you have already filed for court ordered separation you can later change this to a divorce. With the aid of a family law attorney, you can minimize the amount of paperwork you must do and make your separation a step towards dissolution or reconciliation. Call 480-837-3600 to discuss the details of your case and get advice that may help you make the best decision.

Call an Arizona legal separation lawyer for your questions regarding separation and divorce

The process for separation in Arizona is very similar to divorce proceedings: the court divides property and debts, records details for care and support of the parties’ children, and where applicable, details the plan for support of a spouse or spousal maintenance. Spouses remain legally married. They cannot remarry without converting the separation to a divorce. Some of the many reasons why a couple would choose separation over divorce:

  • Allows adherence to religious principles
  • May insure continuous access to a spouse’s health insurance
  • Allows time apart without the finality of divorce

The details of legal separation in Arizona can be complex. Call Cave Creek AZ family law attorney, John C. Belt at 480-837-3600. Protect your rights through legal separation.