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Free Monthly Divorce Seminar


Couples who are contemplating or going through a divorce, need all of the assistance and information they can find to make the process less stressful and emotionally less draining.  One program to help do this is the Arizona Center for Divorce Education.

On the second Saturday of each month, the Arizona Center for Divorce Education (AZCDE) provides a free seminar on the process and issues of divorce.  These seminars, which are entitled, “The Rules of Divorce”, address the key areas of divorce, which include what to do before you file, pitfalls to avoid during the divorce process, and how to project future retirement benefits and determine a fair division of assets.

On April 14th, the seminar was hosted by Mary Ulick at Valley Presbyterian Church in Paradise Valley.  The seminar was open to those considering divorce, already in the process, or who had been through divorce, but still had questions concerning post-decree issues.  Mary, who leads the non-denominational Divorce Recovery Programs at the church, spoke about how her program works and the many benefits it provides to people who have been through divorce.

An additional speaker addressed the effects of divorce on children and grandchildren and how to minimize those negative effects.

The Arizona Center for Divorce Education is a professional association comprised of professionals of various backgrounds who provide educational information to those contemplating or going through a divorce.  This is not a law firm and the professionals involved are not members of the same law firm.

For those either contemplating or going through divorce, seeking legal counsel from an experienced divorce attorney is advised.


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