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Helping Children Cope with Divorce


Divorce is a very emotional, stressful and turbulent time in a couple’s life.  At times, however, the the divorcing couple forgets that not only they are going through this difficult time, but their children are as well.  For children, the divorce process is stressful, sad and confusing.  No matter what the age of the child, he can have feelings of confusion and anger at the thought of his parents splitting up.  It is up to the parents to make the divorce process as painless and stress free as possible for their child.

There are many ways parents can ease the stress and pain of divorce for their child – mainly by hiring family law attorneys from The Law Office of Julie R. Glade. In fact, as a parent, if you are looking for options, why not try these out! A child needs to have as stable a life as possible after his parents divorce.  The non-custodial parent needs to stay active in his child’s life, whether it be by writing letters, making phone calls, emails and by doing many of the same activities you did with your child before the divorce.

Make sure you do not argue with each other in front of your child.   When parents do not agree on matters related to their child and fight and argue in front of their child, he feels guilty and may think he has done something wrong to merit this contention.  Another aspect of behavior that goes along with this is to make sure you do not speak badly of the other parent, as your child does not want to hear negative opinions about a person he loves.  Parents need to communicate directly with each other and not expect their child to be the messenger.  A parent is an adult, and needs to act like an adult by putting all petty differences aside for his child’s sake.

By following these suggestions, ex-spouses should be able to create a friendly, nurturing atmosphere for raising their child and helping that child cope not only during the divorce process, but with his life after the divorce, as well.

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