How to Select a Family Law Attorney

Finding the Right Scottsdale Family Law Lawyer for Your Needs

Choose an experienced Arizona divorce attorney

First, you must be certain that your family law attorney is experienced in this area of the law. Many Scottsdale law firms offer legal services that are wide-ranging and unfocused: corporate law, bankruptcy, estate planning, and, finally, family law. The Belt Law Firm focuses exclusively on family law. This means that our experience is tailored specifically to your needs. We are totally invested in your case whether you face a Scottsdale divorce, Carefree custody dispute, Cave Creek legal separation, or need a Paradise Valley pre-nuptial agreement. Call us at 480-837-3600 to speak directly with attorney John C. Belt.

Vast experience in Arizona family courts

When selecting an attorney, keep in mind that legal knowledge is important but it cannot be enough in deciding who to choose. In addition to legal knowledge, you need an attorney who has hands-on experience in family law courts within Arizona. With nearly two decades of experience serving clients through Maricopa County’s Northeast Valley, John C. Belt has developed relationships with family law judges, other divorce attorneys, forensic accountants, child psychologists and law enforcement officials who may play a significant part in your family law case. Familiarity with the intricacies of the Arizona family law and juvenile court system are important factors when considering your attorney.

A Scottsdale family law lawyer who sacrifices no quality, but still provides low fees

See the tips on keeping your divorce and family law expenses down and also contact the Belt Law Firm. We are a hyper-efficient law office that is streamlined and lean but also extremely productive. We have embraced the digital revolution and we make our communication with clients as open as possible. We also use technology to minimize our staff. We pass this savings on to our clients. Mr. Belt entered the legal profession after attending the United States Air Force Academy with a commitment to providing excellent legal representation to all people regardless of their income level. At the Belt Law Firm, this commitment is realized. Call 480-837-3600 to get skilled and accessible legal representation.

Compassionate dedication to Arizona families and children

Mr. Belt is the father of six in a “blended” family. Along with a commitment to making excellent legal representation affordable to all of his clients, he entered the law because of his dedication to the rights of children. As the father of a large family and as a foster parent to many children over the years, Mr. Belt has demonstrated, in his personal and his professional life, that children’s well-being is a priority. If this is important to you as well, call 480-837-3600.