Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

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In the particularly sensitive area of domestic violence, an experienced and diligent attorney must also know when to be compassionate and understanding and when to be aggressive and assertive. Call 480-837-3600 to speak directly with Scottsdale domestic violence divorce attorney, John C. Belt. He has been offering legal guidance and representation to the people of Maricopa County for nearly two decades. As the father of six, as a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he combines the compassion of a father with the diligence and focus of a former member of the Armed Services.

For either side in a dispute involving domestic violence, the stakes are high. If you are charged with domestic violence and you are getting a divorce, you may face criminal charges in addition to the legal complexities of divorce. Furthermore, child custody, visitation and other factors that will be determined by an Arizona divorce court will be impacted if you are convicted of domestic violence or your spouse obtains an order of protection against you. Whether you are married or not, facing a divorce, legal separation or other family law dispute and you are charged with domestic violence, contact the Belt Law Firm in Scottsdale.

If you need a domestic violence attorney also experienced in divorce and family law

Call 480-837-3600 to speak directly with John C. Belt. If you have suffered domestic abuse, he can help you obtain an order of protection or injunction against your abuser. No matter the type of abuse that may be occurring, the Belt Law Firm can offer legal advice.  The abuse you are suffering may not be apparent to outside observers and may be having a significant effect on your children. You do not need to suffer abuse. The Belt Law Firm can assist you in obtaining an order of protection, forcing the other party to move out of the home, and in obtaining appropriate orders to protect your children.

When domestic violence is involved, you need an experienced and skilled Fountain Hills family law lawyer who is accessible to you no matter your financial situation. As a small, technologically efficient and smart law firm, we are able to offer flexible payment plans and tips on how to keep your divorce and family law costs down. The Belt Law Firm has assisted countless clients through some of their most challenging times in their lives. If you are experiencing such a challenge, the quality or affordability of your attorney should not add to your challenges. For rigorous defense, call 480-837-3600.