Prenuptial Agreements and Post Marital Agreements

Scottsdale Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Arizona Family Law Attorney for Premarital & Post Marital Agreements

What will happen if you ever become divorced? This may not be at the forefront of your mind when you are planning a wedding; your lawyer’s job is to offer compassionate support when appropriate but it is also to offer knowledgeable and professional counsel when necessary. The fact is this: many Arizona marriages end in divorce. By creating a prenuptial or pre-marriage agreement you have absolutely nothing to lose. You have much to gain and protect. As your Scottsdale prenuptial agreement lawyer, John C. Belt will send you best wishes on your wedding day while hoping that your marriage lasts forever. He will also do all he can to defend your best interests if it does not.

Premarital Agreements

Details of a prenuptial agreement cannot simply be settled upon in casual conversation; Arizona law requires that such an agreement is in writing. Individual assets, business interests, investments, inheritance, debt, and other details must be disclosed by both parties. Each prenuptial agreement is unique and, when you contact the Belt Law Firm, yours will be handled in a way that suits your particular circumstances. We will use our considerable experience to help you agree upon all the details in the case of divorce with the express hope that the prenuptial agreement is never needed. You can save yourself innumerable future challenges by having a clear prenuptial agreement that is drafted by a compassionate and experienced attorney. Call 480-837-3600.

Post Marital Agreements

Such agreements are very similar to prenuptial agreements with a major difference: the couple is already married when they create such an agreement. They still reach decisions about asset division and other details in the case of divorce and then put this agreement in writing. This is often an excellent strategy for removing the financial stress that a couple may be experiencing. Some couples actually revitalize their marriage through a post-marital agreement that clearly articulates the financial future plans and separates their economic interdependence. Removing this stress allows many couples to focus on each other rather than focusing on uncertainty about their economic stress if divorce ensues.

Contact Arizona family law attorney, John C. Belt to delicately advise you in these sensitive areas of family law. By being realistic and professional in your relationship with your partner, you can alleviate stress and save yourself time, money and effort in the long run. A pre-nuptial or post-marital agreement may make your relationship stronger and help protect you and your partner’s emotional and economic well-being into the future.