Same Sex Couples

Scottsdale Same Sex Divorce Lawyer

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Same sex couples experience many of the same issues that other couples do when they dissolve their relationship even though same sex marriage is not legal in Arizona. Yet. At the Belt Law Firm in Scottsdale, same sex divorce, child custody, spousal support, and all areas of family law have been our exclusive focus for nearly two decades. We offer not only focused and diligent legal representation; we offer compassionate understanding of the emotional strain that dissolution of a relationship can bring. We offer our clients sophisticated and aggressive legal representation and compassionate empathy.

Based on our experience with Arizona family law and our history of helping thousands of Arizona clients throughout the years, we know that legal expertise must be combined with emotional intelligence in order to defend our clients’ best interests.  If your same sex relationship is ending, we can offer compassionate, diligent, and knowledgeable legal representation. Call us at 480-837-3600 for any of your questions related to family law including:

  • Division of assets—home, vehicles, investments and businesses—after the relationship ends
  • Visitation rights and questions related to child support
  • Details about Arizona’s In Loco Parentis statute if children are involved in your relationship
  • Questions about spousal support and wealth division especially if the relationship was long term
  • Answers about Arizona community property laws that might apply to your case

Contact the Belt Law Firm for answers to all of your questions and advice on preparing a legal strategy that prioritizes your rights.

Gay couples in Arizona have many of the same rights that other couples do.

Scottsdale same sex divorce lawyer, John C. Belt has the skill and experience you need to assert your rights. No matter the complexity of your case, no matter the high stakes involved or the emotional strain you may be experiencing, you can count on Mr. Belt to offer legal guidance and representation to you and your family. From your initial consultation through, if necessary, a trial in an Arizona court, he will treat your case as what it is: a struggle for justice in which your best interests must be rigorously defended. Call 480-837-3600 to speak directly with your attorney John C. Belt.

At Scottsdale’s Belt Law Firm we offer flexible payment plans, tips on how to keep your divorce and family law costs down, and we will usually be able to begin work on your case at a very modest fee. We believe that all people deserve excellent legal representation no matter their economic circumstances. If you are a member of a same sex couple and need a divorce attorney on your side, contact the Belt Law Firm.