Termination of Parental Rights

Scottsdale Termination of Parental Rights Attorney

An experienced family law lawyer can aid you through Arizona family court proceedings

At the Belt Law Firm in Scottsdale, family law—divorce, alimony, child custody, and other issues that families experience during divorce—has been our area of primary focus for nearly two decades. However, unlike many Fountain Hills family law lawyers, we are also deeply experienced in less traditional cases. John C. Belt not only has experience in divorce, he also offers clients experienced-based representation in less common areas of family law including cases involving termination of parental rights.

What is parental rights termination in Arizona and who would seek it out?

Often one parent wants to prevent the other parent from seeing the children. Other times, a parent wants to terminate their rights for the best interest of their own children. Many times when one parent’s rights are being questioned or the possibility of parental rights termination is discussed, a Fountain Hills family law lawyer is needed to protect that parent’s rights to custody, visitation, and long-term decisions related to the children.

The decision to terminate parental rights is a significant one. Having an attorney offering insight, experience, and protecting you and your children’s interests will be essential in such cases. Call attorney John C. Belt for legal guidance: 480-837-3600.

You may be seeking a termination of parental rights when issues of domestic violence, drug abuse, imprisonment, or if your fear for your children’s safety. If your situation involves a parent who may pose a danger to your children, you must make a case to an Arizona court that such a dramatic step is necessary. Or you may be getting remarried and your new spouse wants to adopt your children. This may require your former partner to relinquish parental rights. Contact the Belt Law Firm to weigh your options and get the professional and compassionate legal advice you may need. To terminate parental rights, a compelling argument based on well-organized and persuasive evidence must be presented. We have the experience to help make a persuasive case to an Arizona family court.

Defend your rights as a parent; call family law attorney, John C. Belt

You may be facing an onslaught by your former partner’s attorney aggressively encouraging you to terminate your parental rights. Perhaps you are deployed overseas, or you face imprisonment, maybe you live far away from your children; there may be many factors that encourage your former partner to attack your rights as a parent. You do not have to give up your parental rights. By terminating your parental rights, you may lose the opportunity to impact your children’s lives in the way that you choose. To seek legal advice and representation in such cases, contact Scottsdale termination of parental rights attorney, John C. Belt.