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Randy Travis Accuses Ex of Betraying Information


Country music star Randy Travis and his ex-wife, Elizabeth, were married for 19 years before divorcing.  What made their divorce unique in a way as Elizabeth was not just his wife, but his manager as well.  Now the ex-couple is back in court, one with a suit and the other with a countersuit.

A countersuit filed by country music star Randy Travis against his ex-wife claims that she’s been divulging confidential information about him that could damage his reputation and career.  The suit was recently filed in a Nashville federal court, but the court documents do not say what information Elizabeth Travis is allegedly revealing.  These filings are just the latest in the feud between the former couple.  After 19 years of marriage, Randy and Elizabeth divorced in 2010.  Elizabeth had been Randy’s manager for more than three decades.

Last month, Elizabeth Travis sued Randy claiming that he made it impossible for her to do her job and also that he terminated her management contract without proper notice.

Not only is Mr. Travis accusing his ex-wife of divulging confidential information about him, he is also accusing her of overbilling for reimbursement for travel and other expenses. According to his countersuit, his ex-wife completely destroyed the  degree of trust that should exist between an artist and his personal manager.  The singer wants a court to declare  his ex-wife breached her contract and he also would like her barred from receiving any management commissions.  He is seeking attorney fees as well.

Elizabeth Travis’ attorney did not respond to a request for comment on Mr. Travis’ countersuit.

Randy has been in the country music business for 25 years. He said that he started playing in nightclubs when he was 14-years-old and that for ten years he was turned down by every record label for being too country. He finally signed with Warner Brothers and his first album, “Storms of Life”, which was released in June 1986, went on to platinum. Since that time, Travis has charted 18 number one singles, earned seven Grammy Awards, ten American Music Awards, and ten Academy of Country Music statues.


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