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Rural Domestic Violence Services Network


Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that includes the use or threat of violence and intimidation for the purpose of gaining power and control over another person.  Violence is characterized by:  Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Economic Abuse, Isolation, Emotional Abuse, Control, or Verbal Abuse.

According to the Arizona Chapter of the American Medical Association, studies indicate that two million women are assaulted by their partners each year, though experts believe that number to be closer to four million.  Domestic violence has devastating effects on families and is often generational.

In rural areas of Arizona, victims of domestic violence may not have ready access to services due to isolation and long distances between available domestic violence safe homes or shelters.

The Arizona Department of Health Services receives federal funds from the Family Violence Prevention and Service Act for the prevention of domestic violence.  In Arizona, these funds are used primarily to provide services to the rural areas of the state utilizing Rural Safe Home Networks and to support the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  These organizations fund six safe houses, operate domestic violence hotlines, and provide domestic violence victims and their children with temporary, emergency safe shelter, peer counseling, case management and advocacy. The Daniel M. Murphy, P.C. Domestic Violence Lawyers help in Denver when it comes to dealing with such matters legally.

What has the Program Achieved?  Between October 2009 and September 2010, the Rural Domestic Violence Service Network received $1,817,640 in funds.  Eight safe home contractors and six safe homes were funded during that fiscal year, with 95% of the dollars spent on shelter and related assistance.  435 women and 469 children were sheltered during the year, with 120 persons being turned away because shelter was unavailable.  9,769 individual peer counseling hours and 1,076 group counseling hours were provided to persons in shelters.  18,853 community members participated in 815 public awareness presentations.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please seek assistance immediately.


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